Meet our Officers and Chairwomen

Meet our Officers and Chairwomen

Sam Hulseman


I will be a junior in the fall of 2017. I joined Tri Sigma to find my home away from home.

Lauren Day

VP of Operations

I am from Evansville, IN and graduated from North High School. I am a sophomore majoring in Health Services -Gerontology/Pre Occupational Therapy. I love Tri Sigma because there are so many different personalities and opportunities to become involved. I encourage you to go greek because it has endless opportunities and sisters for a lifetime!

Natalie Lutz

Recruitment Director

I am from Newburgh, IN and will be a Senior in the fall of 2017. I love Tri Sigma because of the incredible and lifelong friendships it has given me through my journey as a Sigma.

Kat McIntire


I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. I am the third of 4 children from Duck and Beth McIntire, the greatest parents ever for dealing with a extremely hyper child like myself. I am a senior this coming year at USI my major is communications with a business admin minor. My plans after graduation is working into hotel management or being a cruise director. Just a little bit about me my favors color is blue, any kind of blue. My favorite food is Italian or tacos. Coming to college I didn't not think I was going to become a Sigma because Tri-Sigma had just begun their recolonization. That was a very strange and different recruitment process, however everything happens for a reason and Tri Sigma is best thing that has happened to me. It has helped grown into the young lady that I am today. I have risen to great peaks and fallen to worst but Sigma was there to support during all the good and bad times. I am the current Philanthropy chair for Tri-Sigma here at USI. Tri-Sigmas philanthropy is the Sigma Sigma Sigma foundation with helps support our organizations fund things like scholarship, leadership and giving back. We also just signed a partnership with March of Dimes which is a nonforprofit that provides funds and support for babies who are born prematurely. We have done multiple events to help support the Tri-Sigma foundation and March of Dimes. This past year we had coin war to help raise money for March of Dimes and our chapter reached our goal of 2,500! We take a lot of pride in giving back and serving to our orginzation. If you have any questions regarding our philanthropy please feel free to contact me.

Erica Reddick


Hello! I am a junior at USI studying Social Work with a minor in Gender Studies! I joined Tri Sigma not only for the bond of sisterhood, but also for the endless leadership opportunities! I am so proud to be a Sigma and am so thankful for the many friends and memories I have made while being a part of this organization.

Cassidy Ferguson


I am a junior from Westfield, IN majoring in Public Relations with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. I have been in Sigma Sigma Sigma since my freshman year and have loved every minute of it! This sorority became my home away from home and has pushed me to become the woman I am today, all thanks to my sisters! I love to be outside and to go horseback riding!

Hannah Gonder


I am from Pittsboro IN. I am a senior & graduating in December. I love Tri Sigma because I know each one of these women will do anything for me. They have my back, are willing to stand up for me, and are always willing to come to my rescue when I need help. I have never made a better decision than joining Tri Sigma.

Jenna Turner

Public Relations

I am from Corydon, IN and I am a Senior. I love Tri Sigma because we share a mutual weirdness that nobody else can understand.

Katey Williams

Webmaster and Risk Manager

I am from Bedford, IN. I will be a junior in the fall of 2017 and I am studying social work! I joined tri sigma to get involved on campus! I never thought I would grow such a passion for this organization and I am thankful for the opportunities Tri Sigma has given me.

Mallory Howard

Education Director

I am from Evansville, IN and I am a senior. I joined Tri Sigma because of the available leadership opportunities and the sisterhood of the chapter. I have been able to become more outgoing and confident in myself. Being Education Director has allowed me to get my foot in the door for being a future leader. I wouldn't want to be a part of any other organization!

Riley Thais

Risk Manager

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and I will be a sophomore at USI in the Fall of 2017. I joined Tri Sigma to get the sisterly bonds. Since I am an only child, I never had someone to really go to & being in Sigma, I finally have that & I am forever grateful for it.

Sierra Craw

Music and Efficiency

I am from Elwood, Indiana and I am a Sophomore. I joined Tri Sigma to join something bigger than myself and find friendships that last forever.

Rachel Hastings

Honor Council

I am from Mooresville, IN. I joined Tri Sigma to open doors to countless opportunities and lifetime friendships. Tri Sigma gave me a family away from home.

Cassady Hibner


I am from Avon, Indiana and am now junior at USI double majoring in Elementary and Special Education. I grew up playing soccer up until my senior year of high school when I tore my ACL. I still play soccer every now and then, but most of my time is spent studying and working..typical college life. This will be my second year in Sigma and I couldn't be happier that it has become my home away from home!

Cassidy Ayers


I am from Evansville Indiana and I will be a Sophomore in Fall of 2017. I love having so many sisters that are always there to support me.

Kenzie Bruce


I am from Oakland City, IN and I am a sophomore. I love Tri Sigma for all the friends I have made.

Emily Marsden

Campus Involvement

I will be a junior in the fall of 2017. I love tri sigma because I know that whenever I need love, advice, or support, I can count on any of my sisters for their help. We have such a strong bond and I love how close we are to one another.

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