Parents Information

Parents Information

Dear Tri Sigma Parents/Guardians:

Tri Sigma has enriched the lives of its members for more than a century, and provides opportunities for personal growth, academic achievement, leadership development, service to others, and a lifetime of friendship.

This is such an exciting time! We realize that meeting academic demands and achieving scholastic success while honoring her commitment to the sorority will be a balancing act—and we are here to assist in navigating the way.

Rest assured, there are limitless opportunities awaiting your daughter within Tri Sigma. Comprehensive chapter support services, educational programs, publications, leadership conferences and membership development are also benefits available to your daughter as a member of Tri Sigma. Whether she participates in campus activities, intramural athletics, service projects or assumes a leadership role within her chapter, the national organization will be right alongside her to provide resources, mentors, and educational opportunities designed to promote personal development.

Please know that safety, harm reduction and prevention are extremely important—and Tri Sigma understands the value of guiding our members in responsible decision-making. Chapter activities should meet the social and developmental needs of college students, while also complying with state and federal laws and in accordance with Tri Sigma’s zero-tolerance hazing policy.

Sorority life is an enjoyable and rewarding journey and we invite you, as parents, to join in the fun. Take some time to learn a bit about this wonderful sisterhood. Congratulations to you and your daughter—and best wishes during these college years and beyond!




Tri Sigma National President, Joyce Newcom O’Daniel  

If you have questions about your daughter's experience, she can be your first resource followed by the local chapter advisor, then either the campus or National Support systems (

Hazing has no place in Tri Sigma and the abuse of others is a direct contradiction to the vows we commit to during every Ritual. For chapters that disregard the national alcohol or hazing policies, they will receive a Policy Violation fee which is used to risk reduction and educational program to change behaviors. In addition, chapters found in violation of national policies will face disciplinary sanctions. The status of those chapters with repeated violations will be reviewed regularly by the Executive Council. If it is determined that progress is not being made or that members fail to uphold our standards, the chapter charter will be suspended. 
Tri Sigma has a strong policy against hazing. As an organization, we are proud to be a Diamond Level sponsor of, which sponsors National Hazing Prevention Week. The purpose of National Hazing Prevention Week is to promote local campus and community awareness of the dangers of hazing. 


Tri Sigma offers comprehensive chapter support services, educational programs, publications, leadership conferences and membership! Whether she is a part of the executive board or serving as a chair person, our national organization will be right beside her with opportunities for personal development. Tri Sigma also encourages its members to step outside of the organization and join other campus activities!


Centering on our theme “Sigma Serves Children”, chapters engage in a variety of efforts for the betterment of children.  Tri Sigma’s philanthropy supports hospital “play therapy” programs for children at North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill and Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. We also stay in sync with our community by volunteering through out the year for different runs, helping out our ROTC program, volunteering at the local humane society, donating to the Boys and Girls Club, or helping another organization on campus! 

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